Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me your precious body and blood. I adore you, Eucharistic Lord, for coming into my heart, body and soul. Lord, as you dissolve your Sacred Body into my body, and as you reach into every cell of my body, make my body more and more divine like yours! Lord, as your Sacred Blood flows into every drop of my blood, and is pumped into my heart, change my heart to become like your divine heart!

Lord, fill every cell of my body and every drop of my blood with your divine love. Let your divine hands be my hands so that I may do what you want to be done. Let your divine feet be my feet so that I may walk your path. Let your divine eyes be my eyes so that I may see what you see. Let your divine tongue be my tongue so that I may speak what you want to be spoken. Let your divine thoughts be my thoughts. Let my soul be perfectly united with your divine soul. Let me be another Jesus here on earth! Amen.

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Praise the Lord!