A Sticker that Solves My Problem!

Fr. Francis Scaria

Smiley face I met with a minor motorcycle accident. My motor cycle was slightly damaged. Some paint on the head-light cover was peeled off and I felt something should be done about it. It is then that one of my friends advised me to purchase a common self-adhesive plastic sticker from the market and stick it over the spot. He said that it was a very common remedy. With ten rupees, it did the magic. The awkward spot was not only hidden now, the motor cycle looked more attractive. I started my bike and went on to the road only to notice some of the motorbikes carrying over a dozen similar stickers.

It forced me to reflect human life - with all the hurts and scars people carry under the cover of the stickers they bear. For most, the expense matters, the expense of confronting the reality. Instead of confronting the reality and looking for lasting solutions, we look for attractive remedies that apparently cover our nakedness. At the same time, deep within we are conscious of the hurts and wounds. Some occasional outbursts deceive our gentlemanly looks. Some wounds are too large to be covered by stickers. They force us to act.

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