Simplicity is about stripping Life to its Essentials

Fr. Francis Scaria

Smiley face Most of us understand simplicity as living with the minimum, possessing minimum and adopting a life-style that is simple.

In fact, simplicity is all about stripping life to its essentials. It is living life at the centre, not at the periphery. It means getting hold of the essence of life and living it to the full. Many of us lack the grip of life. Our lives are packed in layers of non-essentials. Our possessions, titles and external appearances make a garb around us that our real being is often not encountered.

Of course voluntary poverty helps us to be simple. Voluntary poverty helps us to encounter life at its essence. By voluntary poverty we give up possessions, sophisticated surroundings and all that money can buy. Our outer layers are peeled off and our real self become tangible.

Simplicity is encountering our very selves as God created and intended us to be. In our earthly existence we are influenced by the value systems of our society and culture. We are drawn to the enchanting beauties of our passing world. Their transitoriness is not often beheld by us. Only a person who has understood the transitoriness of this world can really be simple.

Jesus invites us to be like little children, because children do not have inhibitions and impressions around them. They are plain and raw. Simplicity is all about unadulterated and raw life. In our times people are turning towards organic manure and unadulterated food. It is much more important to live an unadulterated life- life in its serenity.

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