Fr. Francis Scaria

Smiley face Don’t say “I can’t” because it is a lie. Don’t say “I can” either, because it still is a utopia. Say “I shall”. Then you will. Possibilities are dreams that are already realized but yet to be actualized. The mind has done it and the will has captured it. No matter the time has not seen it yet.

The enormous potentiality enclosed in every human person insists on taking off. An order can help it realize it, while a warning bell can put down the lid. Every obstacle challenges us to rise higher. Every difficulty presses us on to victory. Every handicap leads to invention. Every failure calls for improvement.

Possibilitarianism is an attitude of persistence and insistence. It propels the cycle of energy and lights up the fire of great hope. It never allows the mind to get weary. It is possibilitarianism that took Armstrong and Aldrin to the surface of the moon in 1969 and Hillary and Tenzing to the heights of Everest in 1953. It enabled Barack Hussein Obama to become the first Citizen of the United States in 2009. “I shall” said today will usher in a great tomorrow with enormous possibilities. Humans never suffer from any shortage of possibilities. There are umpteen of them passing by every moment. Unless you beckon, they will not stop at your gate. If you do beckon they will come in and take you out of the gates into larger hamlets.

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