Fr. Francis Scaria

Smiley face Is it not a wonder that I throw a mustard seed in my garden and it becomes a tree; and the birds of the air shelter in its branches? (cf. Lk 13:18-19) I who throw the seed understand neither the mystery hidden in the little seed, nor its mysterious growth. It makes me say, “it is not me, but the finger of God is at work”. I am sure this is the awesome experience of everyone who is involved in the ministry of spreading the Kingdom of God beginning with Peter, the fisherman who preached the first sermon and three thousand people became believers.

We see that our five loaves and two fish, placed in the hands of our Lord are multiplied in the hands of the Lord. After the multiplication, the Great Lord fills my baskets with an enormous quantity of bread and fish instructing me to distribute the same among His People. I remain dumbfounded and try to distribute God’s Graces among His people. The generous Lord shares the credit of this wonder with me. How can I be proud of what is happening through me when I know for sure I am unworthy even to distribute His Graces, when I am unable even to understand the depth, height and width of such an intervention of God? I am convinced that I should speak less and listen more. It is the Lord at work and His works are marvellous.

I think it is not a simple coincidence but a purposeful mention of a woman who mixes the yeast in three measures of flour (cf. Lk 13:20-21) immediately after the reference to the man who throws the mustard seed in the field. I think that the intention of the Lord is to teach us that every evangelizer, be it a man or a woman, is handling the mysteries of God’s Kingdom. It is in the Missio Dei, the mission of God that they are collaborating with.

MUSINGS : 1-25, 26-50, 51-75

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