Help me Lord!

Fr. Johnson Maria

Smiley face A little girl, holding her mother’s hand tightly, entered a church to pray. Imitating her mother, the girl knelt down with utmost faith and devotion, to pray. She looked at her mother, communicating with God with eyes closed. She had learnt from her mother that when someone closes eyes, and with full faith, asks anything, it will be granted.

This little girl heard her mother pray thus: “O most merciful God, you are the creator of all. You have created the world and you take care of everything, every creature that dwells in it. Please bless my son in his studies, let my husband do his job well and may he get a promotion, may I always serve my family actively; for this grant me good health…” and more. When her mother finished praying, the little girl who was waiting patiently for her turn just murmured few words very softly and finished her prayer very quickly.

When they came out of the church, the curious mother inquired:

“What did you pray for, my sweet darling?”
The little girl replied:
“I didn’t pray for anything, I just said to God, ‘help me Lord!’”
The little girl believed that God had given her the ability to solve all her problems, now and later, only thing she felt was that she might need God’s help in doing so, therefore she prayed ‘help me Lord!’ How much do we rely on God and how much on our own abilities?